Hint: I usually start with about 1 1/2 yards of thread. Any longer and I get too many tangles.
Chevron chain is a beautiful stitch that has hundreds of variations. By changing the number of beads here and there you can change the look of the piece. This is basic chevron chain, but you can experiment to find a variation that you especially like.
1. Begin by putting a "stop bead" on the thread, passing through it twice. This bead will be taken off later. It is just to keep the other beads from sliding off.
2. String on 13 beads.
3. Pass the needle back through bead #2 and then bead #1 creating a teardrop shaped loop. See the diagram.
The two beads at the top, #1 and #2, are called "shared beads" because they have two threads that pass through them. They are shared between the two threads.
shared beads
shared beads
4. String on 7 beads. Curve around and pass back through beads #11 and #10 (they become shared beads), creating another teardrop shape (but upside down, this time).
5. String on 7 beads. Circle around and count two beads back from the last group of shared beads, then pass through the next two beads.
shared beads
count two beads
Pass through these two.
6. Continue repeating Steps 4 and 5 until it is as long as you wish.
7. End by running the thread through the beads and tying a half hitch in several places, between the beads. On the other end, slip the stop bead off, put a needle on the thread and run it through the beads, knotting in several places. Trim the tails.
To end, knot between the beads.
Trim the tail.
stop bead
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Here is a simple chevron chain necklace with a little bit of embellishment hanging off the bottom.
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