Peyote Stitch - this is the most used, most versatile, and usually the first stitch that is taught to the new beadweaver.
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Brick Stitch - when finished, this stitch looks just like peyote stitch...turned on its side. I learned brick stitch first (after getting frustrated with peyote). After I learned brick I went back and learned peyote.
Square Stitch - a very strong stitch because you go through the beads so many times! Hard to cut apart for the same reason.
Herringbone Stitch - called this because of the pattern the beads make. It's one of my favorites because you get to put two beads on at a time (and so it goes twice as fast).
Chevron Chain - this stitch isn't seen as much as the others, but is beautiful and fast (and so, another of my favorites).
Right Angle Weave (RAW) - RAW seems to drive some people crazy, but to me it came easily. It seems a logical stitch. Go figure.......
The supplies you need are beading needle, beading thread, beads, and scissors.
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